Therapy Agreement

  1. Therapy:
  • I encourage you to identify and access the internal and external resources you have available to you, recognise the choices you have, and if you desire to, implement change. We are both active participants in therapy, and the overall outcome also depends on your input, especially between sessions.
  • Counselling/therapy have been shown to be beneficial in many situations, but it can be challenging, and in some instances, clients may feel things are becoming more difficult. I will make every effort to monitor the effects of the work on you and I encourage you to raise any concerns with me. It is helpful and important that we review how you are experiencing the work at regular intervals, so that appropriate decisions can be made as to how to proceed.

2. Sessions:

  • Sessions last for 50 minutes at the same time each week, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Sessions are by appointment only. If you need immediate mental health support, please contact the Samaritans on 116-123; free of charge from any phone.
  • (Face to face only): Due to the nature of hiring therapy rooms, I cannot guarantee we will be in the same room each week; however, I will do my best to ensure consistency where possible.
  • Online appointments may not be transferable to face-to-face work due to room rental restrictions. Therefore, it may be that if we have begun sessions online, this will be the format through which we continue the entirety of the work together.
  • For online sessions, please see here for general advice and guidelines.

3. Cancellations:

  • Because the weekly slot is kept open for you, you will be charged the full session fee for cancelled or missed sessions unless you give me 24 hours’ notice, or in the event of emergency.
  • Any cancellations I make will not be charged and I will aim to notify you of my personal time off at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Regular, weekly attendance is recommended, and excessive holidays and/or cancellations will need to be discussed as part of our work together. However, my aim is to be flexible wherever possible.

4. Code of Ethics and Practice:

  • I am a Registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and comply with its Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. My membership number is 00920584.

5. Ending:

  • Whether we work for a limited time or in an open-ended framework, how we end therapy is very important. Endings can be just as transformative and insightful as the rest of the therapeutic process, and for this reason I encourage you to end in session where possible (rather than over text or email), with time to reflect on your therapy so far, to think about your next steps and to experience the closure of an ending, even if you decide to return, or to move to more flexible appointment times.

6. Fees:

  • I offer a sliding fee scale which is set according to your income and reviewed annually. I rely on you to be honest about your place on the scale and review your fee as necessary.
  • Please pay via bank transfer on the day of your appointment, leaving a reference of your name or initials.

7. Confidentiality

I respect your privacy and treat all communications as confidential. However, in rare circumstances, I may need to contact outside agencies:

  • Where it is deemed that you, or connected persons, are at serious risk, in which case relevant third parties may be contacted in the interests of safety and support.
  • Where you give explicit permission for private information to be shared with third parties, for instance with your medical practitioner.
  • Where I am required to divulge information by a court of law.

I will always try to speak with you about this first, unless there are safeguarding issues that prevent this.

To ensure best practice I attend regular supervision. Here, conversations will be conducted in such a way as to safeguard your confidentiality.

Please see my Privacy Statement for details regarding how I keep your data.

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