Note: due to Covid-19 I am only offering online sessions for the foreseeable future.

When are you available?

I am available for weekday appointments between 08:00 – 20:00, with some flexibility.

Reading Therapy Centre

Can I talk to you before we make an appointment?

It can be useful to have a telephone call to discuss any practical concerns you might have about therapy. I like to keep phone calls to around 10-15 minutes, so that we can discuss your main issues in session to give them proper attention. You can either call me directly and I may be available to answer, or you can email me to arrange a time.

How long are sessions?

Sessions last up to fifty minutes, typically once a week. You may choose to have a limited number of sessions, for example if you are dealing with a specific issue that you feel would benefit from a time-limited approach. Alternatively, where you may be experiencing ongoing and more complex problems with living, you may choose to have ‘open-ended’ sessions, where the ending is approached more organically. The length of the therapeutic process will vary for each person and we can review this together as we go along, making adjustments as needed.

What happens during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation we can discuss your reasons for coming to therapy and explore how we might work together. Following the initial consultation, if we choose to continue working together, I will give you my Therapy Agreement and Privacy Statement, which I ask you to confirm you have read and understood before we continue.

Covent Garden

Are sessions confidential?

Everything you discuss with me is confidential, and that confidentiality will only be broken:

  • Where it is deemed that you, or connected persons, are at serious risk, in which case relevant third parties may be contacted in the interests of safety.
  • Where you give explicit permission for private information to be shared with third parties, for instance with your medical practitioner.
  • Where I am required to divulge information by a court of law.

I will always try to speak to you about this first, unless there are safeguarding issues that prevent this.

Please see my Privacy Statement for more details.

Covent Garden

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